'Preserving Our
Agricultural Heritage'

Specializing in Heirloom Vegetable Seed
Heritage Seed and Produce

    We specialize in the propagation of rare heirloom vegetable seed without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. All our varieties are isolated to ensure purity and then acclimatized to our northern conditions.

    Heirloom varieties have been grown for several generations. They are open-pollinated by wind and insects, allowing us to save the seed to grow for years to come, ensuring our future food supply. Our ancestors have left us a rich agricultural heritage to be treasured. It is Heritage Seed and Produce's mission to preserve that heritage through the propagation, collection, and sale of heritage seeds for present and future generations to come.

    We welcome comments and suggestions that you may have in order to continually improve our site, variety selection, and service.

    Our seeds can also be found at Canadian Tire, in Perth, Pinecone in Westport, Dodd's & Erwin, Bakers Feed, Gemmell's Garden Centre in Smiths Falls and Richies Feed and Seed, Ottawa, Ontario.

    Order seeds by mail by sending your order including $4.95 for shipping/handling and applicable taxes by cheque or money order along with a return shipping label.

Darcy Lloyd

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    'We are now cycling back through our past, in this search lays the key to our future in preserving our agricultural heritage.'

'I don't do chemicals!'

(Rose de Berne tomato)

'Feed the soil not the plant'

    Chemical fertilizers are short term and only degrade the soil.

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